Deny Parole to Jose Gonzalez, CDC no.B94419, 2/27/19, 8:30, Health Care Facility, Stockton

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Essie and James Effron at their daughter Cheryl's wedding in 1976    


  We are joining in this petition to ask you NOT to grant parole to Jose Gonzalez.

      Gonzalez savagely bludgeoned to death an innocent couple, Essie and James Effron, who decided to retire after Essie was diagnosed with cancer.  Gonzalez was enraged that the Effrons had fired him as a salesman at their store's going-out-of-business sale because he was rude to customers.

     Essie was in frail health after recently undergoing major surgery and chemotherapy, but Gonzalez did not care about that when he murdered her and her husband.  Similarly, Gonzalez should NOT be given special consideration whatever may be his current medical issues.

     Anyone who is capable of committing such a violent crime will always have the potential for violence in the future, and if he is released from prison, Gonzalez will present a serious threat to society.

     Please help everyone stay safe by keeping Gonzalez behind bars, where he belongs.