It is currently legal to poison stray cats in Los Angeles. Let's end this.

This is senseless, inhuman, barbaric and an abomination!! This law must be abolished!! It is never ok to poison any living animal!! This is just an excuse for people to legally kill animals!! These innocent animals are just trying to survive. They may be someone’s pet, and can be reunited. It would be devastating for someone’s beloved pet to be poisoned!! If not, a pet it’s still heartbreaking to see any animal being poisoned and going thru agonizing pain and death!! It’s so cruel and unnecessary!! A far superior solution is to capture, neuter, and rehome!! We need compassionate laws and strict punishments for those who would abuse, torture or inflict any kind of harm on any animal!! Are we merciless barbarians or compassionate, caring human beings?!! Abolish this law!! No more poisoned innocent animals!!

Holly Buchanan, Fontana, CA, United States
1 month ago
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