Support and Pass AB262 (State Guidelines On Placement Sexually Violent Predators)

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You Matter! Your Voices Matter!

I am so thankful for all of you! I represent no special interest group and have been navigating the best I can to support my community. To those whom are supporting my community outside of California, I am touched and moved that you would care about us to support us. To those of you in my community (or that have also faced the same plight of my community) in the placement of a sexually violent predators: Do Not Give Up Hope! I know some are fatigued by this struggle to be heard despairing from your voices and concerns being largely ignored by Judge Brown last year. There are two reasons why I have not quit this issue: 1.) my children and 2.) you. This is my home and I'm all in! Passion. Patience. Persistence. April 21st this bill goes to our Assembly Public Safety Committee. Please share this petition and encourage others to sign! Thank you, Kara

Kara Kerr
7 years ago