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Because many have complained about the way various laws have been written, it is important for this bill to stay in affect, why? It will help stop California from building more jails and institutions which many feel is a cash cow at the tax payers expense..The monies saved could go into our education programs and rehabilitation systems which many agree would reduce crime. To many cases involve many probation violations which maybe somthing as small as a J-Walking ticket to not being able to report their their officer due to transportation and or funding issues, In which Californians are flipping the bill to House them in jails and or prisons. The monies saved from and or through this bill could and or should pave a way for educational and rehibilation programs for non-violent offenders, Rather than housing them in Jails and or prisons even though many are housed for just a short period of time, It is sucking up alot of Revenue! California has been caught red handed in allowing the system to be a Revolving door and or if you want to call it a Cash Cow for minor offenses. We must ask California to Re-Write the Laws.. and this time Allow for Californians to Vote on it, How many loved ones have been taken away and or incarcerated For laws that are attached to many other laws which are only designed to completely incarcerate even when in the presence of someone else could land many in jail . Riverside County is in the process of allowing a new jail system which will cost up to $100 million if not more, and how much will it cost to run the facility? and again who will pay that bill? We can continue to build more jails and fill them up which benifits many law enforcement agencies ( Mainly the Sheriffs Department ) in which they will ask to hire more officers, and then more tax dollars will head that way as well, not to mention the cost to run the facilities. or we can ask for the Laws to be Re-written. AB109 is good for California..

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