BAN chuckwagon races at the Calgary Stampede!

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The Calgary Stampede has a dark shadow over it due to the deaths of hundreds of horses in the chuckwagon event historically. Each year, there are terribly traumatic deaths of horses forced to be part of the chuckwagon race purely for the purposes of the Calgary Stampede MAKING MONEY, and for "entertainment". This is despicable. Just last week, another horse group during the event crashed and several horses died a traumatic and painful death for absolutely no reason. Organizers censored TV coverage of the carnage of the crash due to the "sensitivity" of the audience -- I call BS, as they just didn't want people to see so people wouldn't know that their ticket purchase is paying for the tragically painful deaths of beautiful and innocent horses, and so that the organizers won't lose MONEY from people boycotting the event after seeing the outcome. I can just imaging the sheer terror and pain that these innocent horses experienced at the hands of humans that really don't care about them (despite what the press is sharing since the event with "people from the Stampede in 'mourning' due to the loss of the horses").

If the Calgary Stampede organizers, the CEO, Warren Connell, and the Calgary Mayor, Naheed Nenshi, actually cared about animals they would BAN the chuckwagon races as part of the Stampede (and to be honest they would ban all activities in the Stampede that exploit and harm animals for the 'entertainment' of Canadians). Also, Canadians should be more aware of this atrocity and should stand up for it to be BANNED. Just because it was a historical event, it doesn't mean it should continue. We have evolved in our knowledge and understanding about animal rights over many decades and we need to better respect animals as persons and STOP the disgraceful activities that continue to cause undue harm to the beautiful creatures that inhabit the Earth with us. I want to see the chuckwagon race BANNED from the Calgary Stampede 2020 and beyond and I strongly encourage you to help be the voice for the horses affected by this event.