Calgary Pride, don't shut out our political allies!

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Calgary Pride has decided to refuse applications for the pride parade for ALL political parties, treating all political parties the same despite their record of treatment towards the LGBTQ+ community.

This is a disappointing stance for Calgary Pride to take on two counts.

For one, Pride is a rallying cry of support, love, progress, and survival in the LGBTQ+ community. Pride started as a protest. Pride IS political. There is still work to do, to fight homophobia, transphobia, to create a safe and accepting environment for those of us that don't fit in a heteronormative box- and who is going to be needed on the front lines of that fight, who is going to be our voice in the house of commons, who will be elected as the voice of the people? We need politicians that show us they are allies, that fight for us. We have made progress in legislature with marital rights, discrimination laws, and must continue to fight for safe spaces in schools for gay-straight alliances, and so on.

Political parties should not be excluded wholesale when some parties have been proven allies.

Secondly, politics play an important part in making changes and supporting our LGBTQ+ community. Unfortunately, voting apathy is still commonly prevalent. Opportunities for our community to connect with political parties that support us as allies encourages voter turnout, and may help us build a stronger collective voice for LGBTQ+ peoples in our city, our province, and country.

We know the UCP has campaigned for hurtful legislature towards our community. They should NOT be represented at Pride. However, the NDP has proven their stance as an ally for the LGBTQ+ community. 

Previously, Calgary Pride had reported that all groups applying to participate in pride would be audited for evidence of their support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Please sign in support of asking Calgary Pride to return to this practice, so that the political parties making a difference who have EARNED their place as recognized allies can walk with us this year!