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Add fluoride back into Calgary’s municipal water supply

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In May 2011, the City of Calgary voted to stop the fluoridation of their municipal water supply. This decision was made by city council without consulting medical experts and without a public vote on the issue.

Now, tooth decay in Calgary is on the rise. A University of Calgary study has shown the significant negative impact that the removal of fluoride from the water supply is having on children’s health. The use of fluoride to prevent tooth decay has been well documented amongst adults of all ages and is considered by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to be one of the ten greatest public health achievements of the 20th century.

The concentration of fluoride in drinking water that provides optimal dental benefits has been determined by Health Canada to be 0.7 mg/L (or 7 parts per million). This concentration does not pose a risk to human health. You can read the CDC fact sheet on community water fluoridation for yourself here.

It is also estimated that for every $1 invested in water fluoridation, approximately $38 is saved in dental treatment costs. So when the City of Calgary re-directed the costs from its fluoridation program to an “anti-cavity program”, which only aimed to treat existing cavities in 3,000 individuals, Calgarians saw a 410-fold decrease in the number of individuals benefiting from this municipal spending (assuming a population of 1,230,915 people based on 2015 civic census data). This is nothing short of a wasteful appropriation of taxpayer funds.

Despite 64% of Calgarians and the Alberta Health Services’ lead medical officer for Calgary being in favour of reintroducing fluoride into the municipal water supply, there is little support from city council. This is likely to remain the case unless councillors hear from their constituents!

I urge you to sign this petition on behalf of your fellow Calgarians and have your voice heard. Without fluoridated water, the possibility of tooth decay becomes a reality. The support of 10% of the City of Calgary is required to include this matter as a plebiscite with next year’s municipal election, so act now and share this petition with your family and friends!


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