Change the #GreenLineYYC Route Over the Bow River!

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The City of Calgary and Green Line Committee are looking for feedback on the Updated Green Line expansion, Stage 1. After Council approved Stage 1 in June 2017 and the reevaluation of recommendations in the Summer of 2019, the City has announced that the new proposed route the will travel above ground from 16th Ave North on Centre Street, slightly west into Crescent Heights and then over a bridge through the wetlands of Prince's Island Park above ground at 2nd Street SW and then making its way underground to 7th Ave SW and connecting in the Beltline. 

As Calgarians that live, work, play and visit the affected area(s), we are opposed to the current alignment and bridge over the Bow River and Prince's Island park. This route not only divides the urban wetland (a 'learning pathway' that homes mallards, geese, eagles, osprey, owls, muskrats, jackrabbit, a massive beaver dam and more!) but disrupts the flow of a busy pathway system popular to tourists, bicyclists and nature enthusiasts alike. Eau Claire has been in transition for some time with many uncertainties: the future use of Eau Claire Market, the re-design of Jaipur Bridge (which has been condemned and cannot be used), the removal of public skating in the lagoon due to budget cuts - the list seems to go on. We believe that Prince's Island is a true gem in Calgary's downtown core and must be protected to ensure beauty and benefit for future Calgarians.  Let's tell the City and Green Line Committee to get it right! 

*We understand consultations are ongoing but this route and area is far too precious to leave up to chance. A bridge to the east, under the river, cancellation of this leg, concentration on the more beneficial south leg - all viable options!

**The bridge in the picture is the proposed route of the LRT as it aligns with 2nd Ave SW