Justice for Abeg Kon

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On Sunday, Sept 5th, 2020, Anjelo, Bernadeta and their two children lost their beloved daughter and sister, Abeg Kon, to suicide, "No one in our family realized that behind Abeg's big smile was so much pain" - older sister. Two years ago, Abed had the courage to come forward and let her parents know that she was being bullied. Her parents did what every parent would do, they went to the school to seek support for Abeg and assumed the bullying would stop.

It did not.

The school failed Abeg. CSSD failed Abeg.

The bullying allegedly let to cyberbullying, which then led to Abeg becoming so terrified to leave her home. She would refuse to leave her car. She was terrified. Abeg needed help and never got it.

We are asking CSSD and St. Gabriel the Archangel school to create stricter policies against bullying, in fact, the City of Chestermere (Where SGA is located) has an anti-bullying bylaw, which they passed and applied in June of 2019. If the steps in this bylaw had been followed, there would've been a chance they could've saved Abeg. We also recommend...

- More in-class discussion about the effects of bullying on mental health

- Inform parents about laws and repercussions surrounding bullying

- Have councillors check in on their most vulnerable students sooner

- Have teachers and staff recognize the early signs of depression, anxiety and bullying. 

- Stricter bullying punishments, like expulsion

- Mentorship programs with former students who have experience with bullying


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