Implement Disciplinary Action regarding Lianne Anderson's use of the N-word.

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Tosin Jerry started this petition to Calgary Catholic School District

This past week, St. Michael Schools Principal Lianne Anderson's use of the N-word was revealed by a recording shared on social media. From the information that could be gathered as the Calgary Catholic School District and the principal of the southwest Calgary school try to minimize such a disgusting act, several Black students used the word in conversation, and Lianne Anderson was recorded saying "So how come it's okay for you to say the word N*****?" The students in which Anderson scolded were then suspended for recording the conversation and playing the recording to a family member who then shared it to social media.

The Calgary Catholic School District is now defending Lianne Anderson's actions by saying that the word was used "strictly for educational purposes." If this statement was to provide an excuse as to why Anderson was allowed to use the word, it is a pathetic excuse and frankly a slap across the face to the Black community, to these kids and to their family. As of right now Anderson has been cleared by the District and no disciplinary action will be taken against her. Essentially what this tells little Black boys and girls is that they do not matter. It provides the notion  that a grown white Woman in a position of power to these kids will be celebrated for the use of the word because it was used for "educational purposes''. It tells little Black boys and girls that speaking up and sharing the injustices and acts of racism or microaggressions they experience, will be met with punishments.

In the year 2020, it is common knowledge that it is not the job of a person that is not Black to educate those who are black on their use of the N-word. It is practically impossible to be unaware that if you are not Black you are NOT allowed to use the word. A word that has been taken back by the Black community from its original degrading meaning.

The suspension of these Students is unfair and unjust. It is important that these Students know and acknowledge that they have done nothing wrong. It is important for them to know that this word is their own and they can use it. It is important that they know they have every right to bring light to any acts of racism or anything they deem disrespectful or wrong. It is important for these students to know that they are supported. It is important for these Students to know that they matter.

In addition, Anderson has not apologized and continues to attend St. Michael School as the principal while the Students remain suspended.

As a Black student who attended St. Michael's  for elementary and junior high,  I am disheartened, disappointed, embarrassed and shocked at Andersons actions along with the Calgary Catholic School District's response to the situation.

This petition demands disciplinary action to be taken against Anderson, as well as the immediate reinstatement of the students suspended back to St. Michael School if they choose to go back. A formal apology should be made to these students by Lianne Anderson herself and the CCSD.

I urge whoever sees this to sign, share and continue to talk about why this is unacceptable. If we do not talk about it and demand that there be consequences for Anderson’s actions, it will be swept under the rug as the District has planned. But we will NOT be silenced. 


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