Deem Alberta Standardized Provincial Diploma Examinations Optional

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Throughout the following 6 months, students have faced some of the most stressful, convoluted, and exhaustive times of their lives. Despite many perceiving the start of quarantine in march as sort of “early vacation”, it was inevitably the contrary. Students, specifically those within Grade 11 and 12, were forced into learning circumstances that were not only unreasonable, but unattainable, for just as there was sufficient reasoning to cancel diploma exams last year, the same is very true this year.


As a prominent student within my student body, I have and am experiencing first hand the repercussions the COVID-19 pandemic posed on our education. This is noticeable in the significant learning gaps and lack of understanding for fundamental concepts that should have been taught last year. There is a clear difference between online and in-school learning, and despite the teachers best efforts, we are drastically underprepared.


With teachers playing “catch-up”, attempting to reteach things that are intended to be commonplace, it is not justified to involuntarily place students in a standardized test situation that students are incapable of preparing for.


Grade 12, for many, is a year that determines one’s future careers and success within life. An example, alike diplomas, is ill-minded and will misinterpret a students’ understanding, inhibiting their mental confidence along with potential for certain post-secondary options. This petition is crucial to conveying to the government that we, as a collective of like-minded individuals, would me substantially-underprepared for a standardized diplomas test and that cancellation or making it an option would be the best choice in representing a student’s current understanding. 


Thanks, and Good Luck Calgary!