Keep priority enrollment to Langevin school for Bridgeland/Riverside families

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The Calgary Board of Education (CBE) has changed the registration lottery process for Langevin School and eliminated priority placement for Bridgeland/Riverside families and their children. Effective for the 2020/2021 enrollment year, first priority now includes the entire school walk zone. The walk zone is made up of a total of 7 communities: Renfrew, Crescent Heights, St. George’s Heights, Eau Claire, East Village, Victoria Park and Bridgeland. 

Q: What is Langevin School? 
A: Langevin School is a CBE school located in Bridgeland/Riverside for Kindergarten to Grade 9.  It offers a CBE Program of Choice Science Alternative Program. 
Q: What is the walk zone for Langevin School? 
A: Langevin walk zone includes 7 communities: Renfrew, Crescent Heights, St. George’s Heights, Eau Claire, East Village, Victoria Park and Bridgeland. 
What does it mean for me?

Q: We are a family living in Bridgeland with preschool aged children 0 to 4 years old or we are hoping to start a family soon? 
A: Up until May 2019, Bridgeland/Riverside families received first priority in the lottery for enrollment at Langevin School, which meant enrollment was nearly guaranteed.  With the new changes, enrollment chances are 20-30% at best since Bridgeland children will now compete for spots with other children in the walk zone.  If your child does not receive a spot at Langevin School, then the designated CBE school for Bridgeland/Riverside residents is Stanley Jones School in Renfrew.  Stanley Jones School is outside the walk zone for many Bridgeland/Riverside residents; in that case, parents would need to pay to bus their child(ren) to Stanley Jones School.   

Q: We live in Bridgeland and one or more of my children already go to Langevin, what does it mean for the younger sibling(s)? 
A: Siblings of children living in Bridgeland used to receive first priority, meaning enrollment was almost guaranteed.  With the new changes, Bridgeland siblings will now compete for spots with siblings of the children attending Langevin within the entire walk zone.

Q: All of our children are already enrolled in school(s) of our choice or we have no school-aged children, why do we care?
A: These changes will result in more children being bused in or driven in by their parents from outside the neighbourhood and neighbourhood children being bused out of the community to attend other schools, resulting in: 

  • Limited school resources being used to transport children around the city rather than in the classroom 
  • More traffic, congestion and pollution in and around the school and the neighbourhood 
  • Reduced physical activity for the kids who are now bused or driven around rather than walking to school

There is also a concern that the CBE's decision will deter young people and families from moving to or remaining in Bridgeland, contrary to efforts to revitalize the Bridgeland/Riverside community.

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