Stop the Cell Tower at Old Church & Mt Pleasant

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Attempts are being made by Rogers to put up a 164 foot cell tower at Old Church Rd & Mount Pleasant.

The proposed tower would negatively impact the aesthetics and treeline of a beautiful and natural setting which is home to many. This hill is gorgeous when approaching from a distance and when sitting on top admiring the stunning uninterrupted views all the way to Toronto.

This hill is located in the Oak Ridges Moraine and is in a region of very sensitive aquifers where digging deep into the ground to provide a base, guy wires, hydro trenches, an access road, laying enormous amounts of underground power and other cabling could be disastrous for our water. 

Cell towers should NOT be put up near residential subdivisions because cell towers emit radiofrequency / microwave radiation which has been classified by the World Health Organization as a class 2b possible human carcinogen.

Studies in Brazil and Germany show cancer rate increases up to over 40 times higher within 400 meters of a cell tower.

Studies show severe negative impacts on wildlife including bees and cell towers were proven to cause cancer in animals.

Cell towers can significantly affect property values -- 94% of people reported that cell towers and antennas would impact interest in a property and the price they would be willing to pay for it.

Rogers is already putting up 2 new towers in the area. This third tower in one of the most densely populated areas of this region is unnecessary.

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