Stop the sale of Town Owned Land to Developer - Caledon East

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Although the town owned lands are not in the new draft of the developers plan, the developer has stated they still have interest in them. 

The lands in question are on the north east corner of the Mcleod Farm on Airport Road, also known as 15944 Innis Lake Road, Caledon East and are designated agricultural/open space. This is the highest point in Caledon East and the views are beautiful.

An online survey that was circulated showed that 98% of the residents want these lands to be a park/green space or anything that the residents can use and NOT residential development. 

Please sign the petition if you do not wish town to sell these lands for development and to stop the rezoning of the lands from agricultural/open space to residential.

The results of the petition will also be presented at the OMB Hearing pertaining to these lands.