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Miranda Thibeault started this petition to CALDWELL FIRST NATION MEMBERS

On February 20, 2020 the Director of operations at Caldwell First Nation sent out the release listed below my explanation of this petition. 

I am petitioning the members of Caldwell First Nation (CFN) who are recognized by the federal government and have a 165 status number assigned by the government of Canada to stop the exit of Caldwell first Nation from the Southern first Nation Secretariat immediately. 

The reasons behind my motivation for the immediate termination of this plan set forth by the Director of operations and current council of CFN are as follows

1. There has been a clear breakdown of trust with the elected officials that currently represent our notion as a result of an attempt to fire the Nation's elected Chief.

2. The breakdown of trust between the current elected council and the membership of Caldwell First Nations makes fact the current  governing body No longer represents the interests of Caldwell First Nation's membership due to a loss of confidence of the CFN membership. 

3. Currently the sitting council during their elected term have made governance changes while the position of Chief was vacated due to the termination of the elected Chief through the Employment Standards Act which is not applicable where as to an "ELECTED POSITION."

4.The governance changes made by the  sitting council during their elected term were not reviewed by the body of membership nor appropriate to occur without a full representation of the officials elected seated at the governance table.

5. The changes made to the governance policy were not reviewed or approved by the people in which the elected to representing. 

6. There is no evidence we are ready to exit the Southern first Nation Secretariat. This is proved in the previous 5 statements made. 

7. This is occurring without appropriate preparation, consultation and notification to the students affected.

8. This is a rash transition and needs to consider the stresses of those affected. 

Please support your membership and our young adults by securing our current agreement with the SFNS until this Can be properly and appropriately reviewed and prepared for. 


Miranda Thibeault


Post-Secondary Delivery & Tribal Council Update

This purpose of this communication is to inform citizens that as of April 1, 2020, Caldwell First Nation will be departing from the tribal council Southern First Nations Secretariat (SFNS) and securing the agreement for post-secondary funding directly with Indigenous Services Canada. In addition, we will be securing our Employment & Training agreement directly with Service Canada.

In August and October of 2019, Chief & Council worked on strategic planning and a Community Comprehensive Plan. Part of this planning involved an exercise of Commitment Mapping & Prioritization in which Chief & Council were asked to identify their top priorities among Provincial Territorial Organizations (PTOs), Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and other organizations. They were able to re-prioritize relationships and made a number of important decisions at a Council Meeting on Monday, November 25, 2019 that were carefully considered and weighed. The main decisions were:

Securing our ISETS (Employment & Training) Agreement directly with Service Canada as of April 1, 2020
Withdrawal from the Tribal Council structure (Southern First Nations Secretariat) to pursue independent funding agreements and control as of April 1, 2020

These decisions were made with a great deal of discussion over many months and Chief & Council are confident that these decisions will positively impact the community due to increased capacity and staffing, as well as keeping administrative fees within the Nation. ISC/CIRNA (the Federal Government) has been working with us to implement these new, direct agreements as we move towards the changes being implemented. These decisions are a major step towards sovereignty for our very unique and distinct First Nation.

On November 25, 2019, Chief & Council signed BCR 2019-11-45 solidifying the ISETS decision, and on December 18, 2019, Chief & Council signed BCR 2019-12-49 solidifying the SFNS decision.

We understand you may have some questions regarding the Post-Secondary Funding that you (or your relative) may be receiving. The policy and guidelines will essentially remain the same, including monthly living allowances, tuition, and eligibility requirements. The funding will come directly from Caldwell First Nation and your contact person at Caldwell First Nation will be Jenna Morrison. More information will be available for active students in the coming weeks.

Current Post-Secondary funded students are encouraged to contact Jenna Morrison to provide your current contact details and direct deposit information to ensure continuity of living allowance. We currently await the details from SFNS in terms of current students and will be following up once we are in receipt of this.

If you have any questions about the Post-Secondary application process, you can contact Jenna Morrison (etow@caldwellfirstnatio.ca).

Any questions or concerns regarding the potential impacts of the changes, please contact Nikki van Oirschot, Director of Operations (nikki@caldwellfirstnation.ca).

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