Join the Fight to Help Save Denis' Field!

Join the Fight to Help Save Denis' Field!

11 September 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Save Denis' Field Group

Help Save Denis’ Field! A valuable community green space is under threat from development. Please sign this petition to protect one of Todmorden's hidden gems.  

This much-loved community asset sits below Stansfield Hall Road and is just five minutes walk from Todmorden town centre using the pedestrian bridge that runs over the railway line.

The field features a play park, a playing field, an apple orchard, mature woodland and is a haven for local wildlife. See the exact location on Google Earth @

Local children, dog walkers and young families all use the space and it is a great place to get outdoors all year round, as it is sheltered by trees and has better drainage than the park.

Who would threaten such a valuable and well used public asset? Believe it or not, it's Calderdale Council!!!

They have allocated the site for housing in the Calderdale Local Plan and want to build on the land in order to meet Government targets for new homes.

Denis' Field was assessed in the 2017 Draft Local Plan and found to be an "important amenity green space".

Nothing has changed, but Calderdale Council has targets to hit and so reviewed all of the land they own see whether it can be built on.

That is why Denis' Field has suddenly been allocated for housing in the new Local Plan - even though it was compulsory purchased by the Council in the 1980s to save it from development and to preserve it as a well-used public asset.

We need YOU to show Calderdale Council that Denis' Field is valued by the people of Todmorden - please support this petition!

Here is some more information about Denis' Field in case you want to know even more...

Groups using the field include primary age children that can play independently here, as the location feels so safe and they can get to the field without crossing the main roads. Play spaces like Denis' Field are essential in Todmorden when so many houses locally don’t have gardens.

Older children play football and other games along with many parents and toddlers. The single biggest user group is dog walkers who use the space all day and all year round, whatever the weather.

The Orchard was created 10 years ago and is now looked after by the local community gardening group. The apples, plums and pears are available to all and fruit bushes are next to be introduced.

Wildflower areas are currently being developed around the field perimeter to encourage wildlife.

This petition has been organised by the Save Denis' Field Group. We recognise that Todmorden needs housing, but there are a number of brownfield sites that have been left untouched and would be much better allocated for housing development before green spaces like Denis' field are selected. Help save Denis' Field! 

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Signatures: 604Next Goal: 1,000
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