Lower the Tuition and Fees for Fall 2020 at CalStateLA!!

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This petition applies to All CalStateLA students, including Graduate and International students. For the sake of keeping it as brief as possible, the petition outlines examples of the fees for Undergraduates- but those campus fees are actually paid by all students.

Current CalStateLA Fall 2020 Tuition & Fees

(For Fulltime Undergraduate Students)

By signing, you are advicating that the tuition and fee costs should be similarly reduced for all students.

Tuition Fee: $3,389.88

Health Facilities: $3.00

Associated Students Inc (ASI): $26.88

Instructionally Related Activities: $30.00

University Student Union: $137.25

Student Success Fee: $145.05

Student Health Services: $143.73

Student Representation Fee (Optional): $2

Total: $3,848.88


The official CSU website states that, "The CSU makes every effort to keep student costs to a minimum." 

In addition, CA education code rules and regulations state that per 41802. Refund of Fees Including Nonresident Tuition. 5 CA ADC § 41802 BARCLAYS OFFICIAL CALIFORNIA CODE OF REGULATIONS: 

, "(2) Tuition and mandatory fees may be refunded if the student or an authorized representative petitions the university for a refund demonstrating exceptional circumstances and the chief financial officer of the university or designee makes a determination that the tuition and mandatory fees have not been earned by the university."

Above is a breakdown of the CalStateLA Tuition Fees as listed in the official school page. Students received notice that the school is primarily offering remote/online instruction for the Fall 2020 Semester. We have also recently learned that the CSU is already under discussion of planning Spring 2021 to be primarily remote/online.

We as students are concerned with the amount of fees we will be paying as a part of our tuition for services and facilities unavailable to us. Below I will include a brief description of the fees in question, an argument as to why the fee should be reduced and the amount of the reduction, and propose an adjusted price for tuition for Fall 2020. I am in no way blaming CalStateLA or the CSU for the crisis at hand and the challenges ahead. Rather, I am sharing what I believe is a concern among many students devoted to their education at CalStateLA.


Facility: A charge for the use of their campus or  facility.

This fee should be waived because participating in online instruction would not require the use of the campus (facility). -$5


Associated Students Inc: Funding to promote ASI’s mission “improve the quality of campus life for students while enhancing their educational experience.”

This fee should be partially waived because much of the money allocated to ASI goes towards event planning such as homecoming, on-campus fairs, and other on-campus activities. Since we will not be on campus we will not be able to participate in such. Therefore, the fee should be reduced. -$13.44


Instructionally Related Activities: From what I understand, this is related to labs activities, kin activity classes, and classes that use materials provided at no additional cost to the student after tuition.

Again, since we will not be on campus we will not be using the materials mentioned and this fee should be waived. -$15


University Student Union: This fee goes towards funding for the on-campus fast food establishments, banks, salon, and other activities.

While the USU serves as a primary hub for students while on campus, it serves as little to no use if we are off campus. -$68.62


Student Success Fee: Some research on this fee let me know that it serves as funding for on campus transportation (shuttles) and the use of on campus technology provided in places like the Annex Labs center and library.

If we will not be on campus to utilize these resources, we should not be charged as so. -$72.52


Student Health Center: Again, while this is normally a great resource for students on campus, we will not be on campus to utilize campus health services as often.

CAPS services as well as other vital health services need to remain via telehealth and should be the focus.

However, the number of students accessing health services from the student health center has gone down significantly. 

We should not be charged a fee for this service as we will not be on campus to utilize it. -$71.86


My proposed new tuition cost for the Fall 2020 semester $1,694.94. This adjustment is calculated based on the points made above in regard to the undergrad tuition fees for a full-time, California resident student. I appreciate everything the school has done to support me and my peers the last few years, and am hoping our opinions and concerns will not go unnoticed. Personally, as a student who receives no financial support from home, and has paid my own way to put myself through school for years, an adjustment in tuition would be greatly appreciated, and I know there are plenty of hard-working students like myself that would benefit from this just as much. After all, WE ARE GOLDEN EAGLES!

Students, Faculty, and Staff, please sign below if you support these tuition and fee reductions for Fall 2020. Thank you.