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Show your support for creating a regulatory pathway for the permitting conversion technologies.

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What is Conversion Technologies (CT)?

Refers to a range of technolgies that convert post-recycling or residual solid waste into useful products, green goals and renewable energy through non-combustion thermal, chemical or biological processes.


Did you know?

-Landfill are a large source of greenhouse gas that impacts climate change

-Conversion Technology can reduce the amount of greenhouse gas generated by landfills.  In fact, Europe and Japan have already been doing this for over 20 years!

-Each day 135,000 tons (approx 270 million pounds) of trash is sent to California landfils.


What a waste...all this potential material can be used in the following operations: 

-reused to create useful products

-material reccovery such as recycling

-biological recovery such as composting 

-and energy recovery such as energy production. 


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CalRecycle’s emerging regulations should enable the highest and best available science-based technologies for the treatment and reconstitution of post-recycled materials in the manner best fitted to a free market economy that encourage innovation for the benefit of the State’s most valuable resources; its environment, economy, and societal well-being.

In pursuit of this with regard to Conversion Technologies (CTs), CalRecycle should:

Provide a clear regulatory pathway for permitting CTs, through the removal of ambiguities and technically incorrect definitions, regulations, and statutes.

Recognize it is not the role of governmental entities in a free society to replace science and common sense with politically or economically founded agenda.

Recognize that conversion technology should be preferential to landfill disposal, consistent with the U.S. EPA integrated waste management hierarchy. 

Recognize that CTs clearly meet the statutory definition of recycling. It is unequivocal that conversion technologies, … “treat, and reconstitute materials that would otherwise become solid waste, and return them to the economic mainstream in the form of raw material for new, reused, or reconstituted products that meet the quality standards necessary to be used in the marketplace.”   

Provide the flexibility for emerging CTs to address and process a wide range of materials that hold greater economic potential as new products that meet the quality standards necessary to be used in the marketplace

Recognizethat products such as electricity, liquid fuels, and bio-based chemicals contribute to national security, energy independence, a strengthened economy, and a better environment.

Recognize that conversion technologies by diverting post-recycled residuals from landfill can potentially result in lower net non-biogenic greenhouse gas emissions.  

Provide safeguards that are consistent with what would be required of any recycling and/or solid waste management facility and operations. 

Require full accounting of the fate of all materials outsourced as recyclables, whether to local, regional, or global markets, assuring that the same health and safety standards and regulations apply to all practices throughout the chain as would apply within the State.

Affirm that mixed-waste processing facilities should not be required to bear the cost of, or additional reporting in order to meet pre-determined standards for the composition of post-recycled materials that are destined for treatment by CTs.  


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