Cal Poly: Stop Threatening Peaceful Protestors, Stop the Free Speech Double Standard

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Cal Poly Threatening Student Peace Activists Again

Due to overwhelming public support, Cal Poly's Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities formally dropped their investigation of SLO Peace Coalition & stated on the record that our former protest was not in violation of any University policies.

That precedent assumably protected any future protests of the same variety. During our intake meeting, the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities encouraged SLO Peace Coalition to keep protesting and utilizing our freedom of expression. 

Therefore, at the following Career Fair on October 4th, we staged an identical protest to oppose Raytheon’s funneling of arms to Saudi Arabia for the U.S.-backed war on Yemen.

To our surprise and dismay, the same people who cleared our right to protest are now threatening it once again. Our student rights, and our first amendment rights, are being violated to protect the University's violent corporate sponsors.

Please share this petition with your peers and encourage them to sign it. All of your help is crucial.

SLO Peace Coalition
3 years ago