Cal Poly: Rescind Bronson Harmon's Admission

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 Cw: anti-gay slurs, racism

At a "Keep Families Together" protest in Modesto, CA, a video leaked of Bronson Harmon (attending the rally as a Trump supporter to counter protest) shouting anti-gay slurs. An immigrant rights protestor also noted that Harmon had a physical confrontation with a man, where Harmon and his group pushed this man into a tree towards the end of the protest. Modesto police recommended pressing charges against Harmon for misdemeanor battery. Harmon was set to go to Cal Poly on a wrestling scholarship, but the video has prompted the administration to take away his scholarship. Bronson Harmon is still set to attend Cal Poly San Luis Obispo this fall. 

We are furious that Bronson Harmon is still allowed to attend Cal Poly after this incident. Hurling anti-gay slurs directed at other people, according to Cal Poly, is by definition, not allowed on our campus. Admissions letters also specify that enrollment is conditional upon grades AND appropriate behavior. Blatantly homophobic and racist behavior have no place on our campus, and our own policies guarantee us that right. We call on Cal Poly’s Administration to rescind Bronson Harmon’s admission to this supposedly progressive institution.

Our Demands for Cal Poly San Luis Obispo:

1. Rescind Bronson Harmon's admission to the university

2. Write a statement apologizing to the queer community and immigrant community for this incident, acknowledging Cal Poly's hostile campus climate against marginalized communities.  

3. Use Harmon's scholarship money to create a new scholarship fund for queer and trans students

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