Cake in "Sonic Twitter: Anime"

Cake in "Sonic Twitter: Anime"

4 de agosto de 2020
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CakeUnleashed e 1 outro
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A importância deste abaixo-assinado

Iniciado por Oliver The Boi

The Sonic Twitter Anime is being made, It's probably going to be a masterpiece, there's nothing wrong about it... Except one thing.... @CakeUnleashed IS NOT IN IT?!?

We all know Cake is the cutest and most incredible human being on planet earth.

We also know The Sonic Twitter Anime needs important and charismatic people in it. Cake is certainly what you would consider a part of Sonic Twitter, that's why we need her.



More reasons:

-she sexy

-she beautiful

-she cute

-she cool

-she interesting

-she has a lot of potential as a character and probably could make an amazing and interesting character arc

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Assinaturas: 10Próxima meta: 25
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  • CakeUnleashed
  • Sonic Twitter Anime