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Hold Chemours (DuPont) accountable for putting cancer causing toxins in our drinking water

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   Chemours (DuPont) has contaminated Wilmington, NC's drinking water by discharging toxic GenX into the Cape Fear River.  Wilmington has caught them in the past, yet they continue to discharge this toxin into our drinking water.  We as a community are reaching out for help and we need to be heard. Hundreds have already suffered the side effects from drinking, showering and cooking with this contaminated water, STILL nothing is being done. 

   Our community is left to pay thousands for medical attention and private filtration systems. Please help stop Chemours from poisoning our families by holding them accountable. We want to have safe water for our children to brush their teeth and bathe. We need clean water for us and our animals to drink! This is NOT too much to ask, considering our already high water fees were just raised yesterday.

   Not only are we PAYING for TOXIC drinking water, but our voices still go unheard. Help get this issue in front of someone who can make a change. If we get enough signatures it will be presented to congress. LETS ALL FIGHT TO MAKE A CHANGE. 

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