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Shut Down Fish Bowl Aquarium and Pet Mart

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The Fish Bowl Aquarium and Pet Mart has been responsible for the deaths of countless animals in the past decade. They only care about profit and have blatant disregard for the animals that they take into their "care". 

Recently, I visited the shop in order to conduct some research for an Ecological Anthropology course that I am a part of. When I arrived, there were countless tanks and cages filled with animals that were obviously being abused. The fish in their tanks were living in dirty water and surrounded by feces, dead fish, and fish with obvious disease. The dogs on the premises were shaking and sick, with no food or water to be seen.

Their lizard section was horrendous. Multiple dead bearded dragons as well as some that were barely holding on. No new food or water to be seen. 

This cannot keep occurring. This store needs to be shut down for good.

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