Stop environmental vandalism at Cairns Beaches

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Locals and tourists have long loved Trinity Beach for its beauty and its community of people and wildlife. Residents are deeply saddened by the recent unlawful poisoning of 80 year old trees on the foreshore that have been home to all manner of migrating bird species, and flying fox displaced from urban areas. They provide beautiful shade and stability to the beach that year after year is challenged by strong weather conditions. They are part of the Trinity Beach DNA. Residents are concerned that those who have deliberately poisoned trees on the foreshore will continue their environmental vandalism on other trees that fringe the beach if there are no consequences.

Please see this article in the Cairns Post for further information: Councillor's plan to shame culprits 

Please pledge your support to:

  • ensure the Council conducts genuine and thorough investigation to find the vandals
  • hold the culprits accountable for this illegal and senseless killing of Trinity Beach trees
  • support Councillor Brett Olds' call to erect a billboard of shame