Object another petrol station on Macilwraith/Pease St


Object another petrol station on Macilwraith/Pease St

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Simona Cosentini started this petition to Terry James (Cairns Regional Council div 4) and

HI, I am Simona and I live on Macilwraith Street.

I ask you to think about these questions:

Would you like to live next to a big petrol station? a noxious, smelly, noisy, bright lit 24/7 petrol station with a pricey convenience store?

Would you be happy if you had bought the house of your dreams in a quiet green street, where you thought you have given a safe and enjoyable life to your kids, to suddenly find out you'll live on a noxious access route?

Would you be happy to see your right to quiet enjoyment constantly offended and denied?

Would you like to be exposed 24/7 to gasoline vapours, carbon monoxide, benzene and solvents and risk a water contamination caused by tanks leaking in the land? Would you like your children and elders to be exposed to them? (see EPA reports)

Would you like more chances of an explosion or incidents to happen right next to your fence?

Would you be happy to see increased the chances of a robbery -even armed-, or loud people screaming at night while getting food or drink? or the blower on at 3AM to clean the area, 24/7?

Would you be happy to have your property de-valuated by thousands of dollars? and the cost of your home insurance go up?

Would you be happy you couldn't rent your house because nobody wants to live next to a petrol station? Would you be happily opening your window and breathing in facing on a concrete and petrol monster?

 Would you be happy to take your kids to the park where air contamination will affect their life while playing?

Would you work in your office with constant noises and tremors from the heavy traffic and smell?

A new petrol station is being proposed for the corner of Macilwraith St and Pease St.     An historical second-hand shop -the KJ's Closet-, three houses and a duplex are facing demolition to make space for a new petrol station in Manoora. The family right next to the site will see a high wall built in front of their windows and will have to live with the constant smell and noises of the activities of the petrol station

This project will impact negatively, severely not only on the Queenslander home next to it but on the residents in Macilwraith St. and Manoora with 24/7 traffic, smell, noise, lighting, activity, parking, crime, contamination of air, water and soil and other environmental factors.

There is already a Shell station on the other side of the road, A Coles Station, a Caltex, a BP within the 2.5 Km radius. This development will take away business from the nearby little stores' owners, food outlets and affect the well-being of many families in the Manoora community.

The constant of noise, traffic caused by trucks and car filling up, cars accessing the site 24/7, doors banging, pumps, the increasing flow of people going to the convenience store 24/7, the additional traffic to use the side street to access the main lane on a corner that is historically dangerous, the carcinogenic emissions,the smell of benzene and waste, the risk of tanks leaking in the Land are all factors that will impact miserably this neighbourhood as often demonstrated by research internationally and by EPA action against environmental issues.

Also, costs of health (asthma, allergies, cancers) and the devaluation of sale and rental prices of properties nearby will miserably deprive homeowners of their future investment potential and be detrimental for the wellbeing and serenity of these streets where children usually play and life is quiet.

Please support me and my neighbourhood by signing this petition AND LODGING your individual objection by :

EMAILING    townplanner@cairns.qld.gov.au

CALLING      Cairns Regional Council  07 4044 3044  - Local council member DIVISION 4  - Terry James,  or our State Member  Michael Healy  07 4229 0110

 by the 18th December 2018.

REF (8/30/273) LOT 0,1 & 2 ON GTP70340 AND LOT I ON RP719001.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.





This petition made change with 151 supporters!

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