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A town plan was decided upon by the people of the Northern Beaches to let the Northern Beaches develop with buildings at a height of 4 storeys,in generally a similar style to the Noosa region,where the people have a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle,we are not interested In developers who are solely in for capital gain and don't live in this area and have an attitude towards developing the Northern Beaches along the same lines as getting rid of all greenery, wallabies and have the states highest HIGHRISE so as to maximise capital gain and destroy the lifestyle of the long term residents,similar development has happened on the Gold Coast, with huge increases in the criminal element and bad drug issues,stop this now before they can destroy a beautiful lifestyle had by many long term residents who have helped develop the northern beaches to where, it has now become of interest to profiteers not interested in anything but money.Stop the destruction of your beautiful lifestyle and make it clear to any councillor now and forever this is the only way we the people of the northern beaches of Cairns want this area developed and if they cannot adhere to our wishes as our representatives get out.Please add your name to this petition about some profiteer trying to build a 8 storey building onthe beach at Clifton Beach,stop this first one or your lifestyle will be lost and please share it with every same minded northern beaches resident.Thanking You in Advance from our generations to come in the future.

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