Barr the bridge to save our beach

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Many residents from Machans & Holloways Beaches regularly enjoy the beautiful, natural environment of the beach area at the Barr Creek delta. The sensational view up the creek from the beach is a stunning backdrop to dog walking, fishing, playing with the kids & a few quiet relaxed drinks on the beach.

We believe the bridge, in it's current planned position, would unnecessarily mar the natural beauty of our shared beach & detract from the enjoyment of the Barr Creek delta area for both local residents & tourists. Construction would also adversely affect the Declared Fish Habitat area.

The planned pathway from the proposed bridge behind Coconut Street would pass directly through the Holloways Beach "Dune Revegetation Area" causing initial destruction and ongoing stress to an already fragile natural environment. It is also likely to require ongoing expensive repairs due to damage from tidal movements, especially king tides.

This bridge has been proposed & defeated on at least two prior occasions, however this time the council is determined to proceed with the planned construction. Cairns Regional Council are determined to construct a cycleway bridge between Machans Beach & Holloways Beach, regardless of the impact on the surrounding environment or of the wishes of local ratepayers.

We call on the Cairns Regional Council to halt all planned construction on the bridge. If the Council is determined to proceed with a cycling bridge linking the two suburbs, we call on them to consult properly & fully with local residents to determine a more suitable location.