Stop The Plastic: End the excessive use of plastic bottles at Cafe 63 restaurants

Stop The Plastic: End the excessive use of plastic bottles at Cafe 63 restaurants

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This Petition was created in an attempt to decrease or better, cease, the use of plastic water bottles at Café 63 locations across Queensland.

Currently, Café 63 serves 40,000 people each week and 2,000,000 people every year. [1] With each visit, customers only access to water in store is through their labelled plastic water bottles. Lets’ say that each customer would require a 600mL bottle of water (or less) with each visit. This sum quickly accumulates to 40 thousand plastic water bottles entering our Queensland wastelands weekly, from this one organisation alone.  As there are no biodegradable benefits to these bottles, they can take up to 1000 years to eventually decompose. Additionally, these bottles leak toxic additives, such as nasty phthalates into groundwater. [2]

The United Nations has reported that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans, unless people eradicate their use of single-use plastic items, for example plastic bags and bottles. [3] At the beginning of 2017, the UN accompanied the launch of the #cleanseas campaign, which in turn urges governments to pass plastic reduction policies, targets industries to minimize their plastic packaging and to encourage people to change their own habits. 3

Who can help?

Following the popular #banthebag success, we can continue to communicate to local organisations that are not adhering to appropriate plastic use, to do so. Furthermore, we can urge Local and State Governments to pass plastic reduction policies, in the hope to see our Queensland plastic waste decreased.

 Finally, we are responsible for the impact of plastic made on our oceans, marine life and Queensland environment. We can become conscious of our actions and the effect that we have on the environment.

 Once you’ve signed, contact your local Café 63 and your local Government to encourage them to lead the way to an environmentally smart society.

We can confront unethical practices in local Queensland businesses.


Local Governments: