IMPROVE PEDESTRIAN SAFETY IN OUR VILLAGE-for residents & students in Fleur-de-Lys & Pengam

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Are you tired of traffic congestion and road safety in our village?

Our village is cut in two by the A4049. This has increasingly become a very busy road with recent residential and industrial developments and road safety measures have not kept pace with these developments. Traffic travels at speed that is too high for this road and there are no pedestrian crossings, no crossing guard / person and no speed traffic measures in place to reduce vehicle speed.

It is very dangerous for all residents to cross this road, but especially children and elderly residents. There are 4 schools in our villages that have children crossing this road on their walk to school. This is a hazardous journey to school, relatives or village facilities every day.

The Council agrees that there is a need for improved traffic safety. However, there is a limited pot of money and evidence of 'need' for action is required. You can support our campaign for improved pedestrian safety on the A4049 by signing this petition AND writing with your concerns to and filling in a quick survey at thank you for your support.

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