Restore the Activity and Order in Battlefront Modding by replacing the inactive leaders.


Restore the Activity and Order in Battlefront Modding by replacing the inactive leaders.

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Stallion Prime started this petition to CADE

To Cade, 

This is not an attack. If you feel like this petition is a beligerant act of destruction against the modding community, feel free to ban me. Before you do, please read this. 


To all of my fellow modders,


The lack of active and functioning leadership within the Battlefront Modding Discord Server has left the cultivating community to evaporate as the hype for Battlefront 2 passes away. 

To fix this, we should be putting ACTIVE Leaders in charge. People like Claymaver, whom has a Youtube channel for Modding tutorials, actually inspires and instructs the community in the world of Battlefront modding. I, Stallion, actually learned from one of these tutorials and I know I am not the only one. He even made an entire separate Discord Server dedicated to supporting Battlefront Modding and learning. We need someone who we could actually respect for their effort in this community, not someone who remains in Gmans shadows. 

Proof of this inactive and disfunctional leadership? 

I submitted a application to be a modder on the 12th of June. I don't get a reply until I ask Dulana to check on the 23rd of June, which he proceeds to finally grant me the role. Checking bot applications shouldn't take 11 days. I wonder how many other victims there are of this inactivity. 

Lastly, Cade's legacy as a lead modder should be remembered and respected, but as Thor had lost his powers once he had proven to be unworthy, Cade should too. Perhaps when Cade starts reading the messages of the server he runs, then maybe he could be deemed worthy of his title again. 

Proof of Cade's inactivity: Today is June 23rd. The last time Cade had even spoken in a general chat had been the 18th of June. This is an unacceptable standard for his position. 

Lastly, in the words of Dulana57: "it would really be nice if I wasn't the only one looking at the aplications"


"having more people looking at them would be great but itd probably not happen as it is out of my control"

To sum all of this up, I am proposing that Cade take a leave of absense in the BF2 Modding Discord Server while he works on the Frosty Toolsuite, which is what he is best at. In my opinion, Gman would rather have Cade work on releasing Mesh Import Function in Frosty Editor, than continue maintaining the Battlefront Modding Discord Server.

Dulana57 would be moved to "The Senate"(Head Staff) role.

Either Claymaver and/or Devastator35 would be excellent Senate Guard whom could greatly assist Dulana57. If there are others who wanted the role, perhaps Cade/Dulana could take time to interview applicants to best decide who would be the new Senate Guards. 

Thank you for reading

This is a democracy. (I hope) Liberty shouldn't die with thunderous applause.

Sign this petition if you want change from the current leadership.  



This petition made change with 5 supporters!

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