Keep Senior Pictures/Quotes in CAC's Yearbook

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Since the earliest documented yearbook on CAC's campus, from 1983 onwards, each yearbook has shared one commonality: senior pictures and quotations. This year, a decision has been made to eliminate senior privileges from the yearbook; however, all future graduating classes of CAC are turning towards the CAC community in need of support to reverse this decision.

Past senior quotes have held sincere meaning to many members at CAC; alum, family, administrators, and staff. In the past, seniors have gotten the chance to put a baby picture, a portrait of their choice, and a quotation all on the same page. With the new decisions of eliminating this tradition, seniors have the option to buy "ads" in the yearbook at their own cost, with the choice of a quarter, half, or full page - differentiating each student from another. If you've been a member of the CAC community at share the passion to keep this tradition alive, let your voice be heard, voice what this means to you. 

As students at CAC, we understand that we are privileged enough already, and we couldn't be more thankful. With that said, this petition is not created in an attempt to attack CAC or it's administration, but rather to keep a meaningful tradition ongoing and alive. 

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