A Year 12 Common Room for 2019

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As a year 12 cohort, we would be grateful to have the privilege of a common room. After being spread across the school by the new system, we have found it difficult to find time to mingle with those in our year level from different houses. We would love nothing more than to have the opportunity to bond as a year level in our own common room which could be multifunctional. A common room would provide a sanctuary for our cohort to; study, engage with eachother and form new bonds, prepare tea, coffee and noodles, obtain peer help and advice for academic or social reasons, conduct meetings and strive to constantly improve our beloved cabra community and to take a moment to recuperate and relax throughout the day. The year 12 cohort is happy to fundraise for any furniture or appliances required and would greatly appreciate consideration of this idea by cabra staff as we appreciate the Atruim, but would benefit immensely as a cohort by having a more quiet, peaceful and multifunctional common room

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