Support MELC’s grant application in the NSW Govt's Stronger Country Communities Fund.

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The NSW Government has released $1.3m in funding to the Cabonne Council as part of the Stronger Country Communities Fund.

Good news: The MELC's application for $262 500 to expand our service has been supported by the Councillors of Cabonne Council.

The next step is to demonstrate widespread community support for our project to expand the MELC. We are hoping you can please sign this petition. 

The money from this grant will be used to build the Long Day Care room and to construct a purpose built playground including landscaping.

The expansion will create:

  • An additional 8 Long Day Care places per day
  • Direct employment - An additional 5 Full time staff, an additional Trainee and a part time gardener
  • Economic Stimulus - Construction to be carried out by local builder and tradespeople 
  • Increased workforce participation – through many families able to return to work with the 2 day maximum cap lifted. 
  • Lift in town patronage – through increased number of families able to attend the MELC and associated patronage at Molong’s local businesses. 

On behalf of all the current and future children, families and staff of the MELC and the Molong and district broader community,  thank you. 

Kate Strahorn 

President and Expansion Coordinator
Molong Early Learning Centre