Confirmed victory

On August 17th, while in the middle of negotiations with Tribune and without warning, Cablevision unilaterally removed PIX11 from its cable systems. Cablevision took this action despite our unconditional offer to extend the current retransmission agreement with no change in its terms while negotiations continued.

To be clear, Cablevision pulled PIX11 off the air in the middle of the night, without notice and while our current agreement was still in place.

PIX11 makes a substantial annual investment in local news, live sports and high-quality entertainment programming. Cablevision has never compensated us for the retransmission of our station notwithstanding the fact they have been charging their subscribers for our programming for years. PIX11 is one of the most watched channels on Cablevision’s systems yet it is not compensated at all. What PIX11 is seeking amounts to less than a penny per day per subscriber.


Letter to
Cablevision Cablevision Systems Corperation
On August 17th, while in the middle of negotiations and without any warning, Cablevision shut down PIX11. Please sign this petition to Cablevision, asking them to bring PIX11 back into our homes so we don't lose local news, MLB Games, Christmas specials (The Yule Log), and many more.

Thank You,