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My Name Is Andy Peacher,

I am writing to you to donate or share this email as I am at my wits end with the nhs system in Scotland i am DESPERATE to help my wife.

we need to go abroad as soon as possible so she can be more mobile its affecting her life.

Can you donate any money or anything to help the system is broken and they keep sending patients round and round.



It has taken us months to get this far and it really is driving my wife mad we don’t want to upset anyone.

My wife has severe mental health a mild learning disability and needs a full knee replacement we was told she can have one but the wait is long 12 months or more.

The gp wont give strong pain medication due to Possible addiction and the knee is knackered and no referral to a pain clinic its really hopeless at the moment.


What options are their ?

I guess we have tried nhs transfers all kinds of pain relief medication creams gels and even cbd oil.
Knee supports and wheelchairs.


We don’t have money or credit as we are State benefits.

We Live in the highland region with waiting lists going through the mountains.

My wife is 20 stone and was told loose a little weight her strong mental health drugs put on weight and her addition to sugar drinks isn’t helping so some doctors are worried about treating a body max index of around 40.

Joanne threatens to self harm soon if we cant find a solution her severe knee pain has made her mental health worsen and she has had to give up activities that kept her mentally well before that she had criminal convictions for threatening professionals.

See the go fund me page for details.

What is our best option our gps don’t care or don’t know the Highland Health Trust trust has helped a little but nothing huge.

If you can donate a little we would go abroad urgently for treatment.


Joanne is a child abuse survivor as you know awaiting compensation before 2021 from the Scottish government as these abusers are often dead or above the law.


Joanne and i would give the money back when the compensation comes should we get it if someone loaned it to us or could pay a monthly fee if we got a loan we have no access to credit cards and would take us a year to save up the money needed to go abroad.


Joanne's Abuse Story.



joannes rape story in a kids home at the Scottish government inquiry.


This is what happend when she was at her worse and the police never investigated her child abuse story.


Below is the truth that not all waiting lists are huge but highland and gp refuses to refer there reasons its not possible.



Nhs Fife

I am not clear where you are on the pathway (i.e. has your GP referred you already) but I spoke with Service Manager and the maximum wait that you can anticipate would be 12 weeks from GP referral to Outpatient appointment and a further maximum of 12 weeks from clinic to operation. Our waiting time is dictated by clinical need so if you are deemed a greater priority the wait from clinic to surgery could be shorter.


Nhs Borders

You mention in your query that you feel the BGH have a long waiting list for treatment, I can advise that the current waiting list for our orthopaedic services is 11 weeks for an out patient and 12 weeks for an inpatient/day case procedure. I am advised by our waiting times team that these are the best waiting times in the whole of Scotland at the end of March. Information on waiting times within NHS Borders can be found www.nhsborders.org.uk/waitingtimes .


Andy Peacher

07368 240134