Help Ensure California Adopts a Progressive, Humane Predator Policy

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The California Fish and Game Commission ("Commission") is deliberating on the adoption of a predator policy that will provide the framework for how the state approaches predator conservation, stewardship, and management.

Your voice is needed to help ensure that the policy adopted is progressive and humane, and recognizes the ecological, aesthetic, and intrinsic values of predators.

Narrow interest groups are fighting strenuously to ensure that the term "humane" is not included in the policy, and that recreational hunting is included as an effective predator management method.

The Commission is considering taking regulatory action on this issue and we need your support!


  1. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION AND LET THE COMMISSION KNOW THAT YOU VALUE CALIFORNIA'S PREDATORS! By signing, you will make it clear that you support a progressive predator policy that is based on the best available science, prioritizes non-lethal methods for conflict mitigation, and represents the majority of Californians, who believe our native carnivores should be treated humanely. After signing, please share this petition widely with friends, family, and colleagues. If you want to send your own personalized letter (supporting talking points listed below), you can email the Commission directly at (Please include your name, city, state, and zip; and also cc your letters to so we can track sent letters.) 
  2. The Commission will vote on the proposed predator policy at their April 19 meeting in Ventura, California. Join Project Coyote and allies at the meeting and make your voice heard in support of this petition (meeting details listed below). More information can be found here, and the meeting agenda, here (see Item 32: "Discuss and approve terrestrial predator policy"). Note that public testimony is limited to a few minutes.
  3. Another way you can help is to write letters to the editor (LTE) of your local paper about the issue. See our tips for writing LTEs here.



Commission Meeting Details:

What: California Fish and Game Commission meeting

Where: Four Points by Sheraton
Ventura Harbor Resort,
 1050 Schooner Dr., Ventura, CA 93001

When: April 19, 2018

More info.



Dear Commissioners,

I urge you to adopt a predator policy that is based on the best available science and that reflects the sentiments of most Californians, who believe our native carnivores should be treated humanely and with appreciation for the key role they play in maintaining ecological health and integrity.

Inclusion of the word “humane” in California’s predator policy will ensure that any approved management policies are evaluated for welfare consequences, and are in line with current Fish and Game regulations and statutes that include the term “humane.”

Non-lethal methods of conflict mitigation between carnivores and livestock should be prioritized in the state’s predator policy as well. This would not exclude the option of lethal methods, but would simply suggest that non-lethal options should be prioritized.

I strongly oppose inclusion of the term “recreational take” as a listed method of wildlife management. Peer-reviewed science does not support the claim that recreational hunting or trapping effectively reduces livestock-predator conflicts or boosts ungulate populations. Inclusion of recreational take in the predator policy goes against the stated goal of modernizing predator management and contradicts current science.

I commend the Commission and the Department for prioritizing adoption of a policy that will modernize California’s approach to predator conservation and stewardship and provide guidance to the state in balancing an ever-increasing human population's interface with the state’s native carnivores into the 21st century.

Thank you for considering my comments on this important issue.



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