Help Ensure California Adopts a Progressive, Humane Predator Policy

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Progress for Predators in California!

We are pleased to share with you that on April 19, the California Fish & Game Commission voted to adopt a progressive predator policy that “acknowledges that native terrestrial predators are an integral part of California’s natural wildlife and possess intrinsic, biological, historical, and cultural value, which benefit society and ecosystems,” while “recognizing that sustainable conservation and management strategies are necessary to encourage the coexistence of humans and wildlife.” With your help and support, Project Coyote submitted more than 2500 petition signatures and letters to the Commission urging adoption of a policy that acknowledges the importance of native terrestrial carnivores and their intrinsic and biological value, and that includes the term “humane” in how human-predator conflicts would be addressed—elements that are incorporated in the policy the Commission adopted Thursday. As Commission Vice President Anthony Williams stated, the result is a “forward-thinking predator policy which recognizes both the role that predators play in the environment, but also provides a sensible approach to management . . . .” Read our news release at the link below. We are immensely grateful to all of you who took action to help make this happen. Your voice matters! Sign up for Project Coyote’s E-Team to stay apprised of our work on behalf of North America’s apex predators:

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3 years ago