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Demand the Elihu M. Harris DGS/BPM replace the elevators

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The situation with the elevators in the Elihu M. Harris Building has been an ongoing concern and seems to be consistently worsening. I have personally witnessed a co-worker trapped in an elevator for over an hour, and the Oakland Fire Departments tools that are DESIGNED TO OPEN ELEVATORS do NOT work on the style of elevator currently in use. Additionally, within the past few weeks staff in our office have experienced multiple occasions of elevators dropping mid-ride, sometimes several times before finally stopping on a floor. This is quite simply unacceptable. It is a terrifying ordeal and potentially very dangerous. Please join me in demanding that the elevators be replaced before someone is injured or worse. Imagine if someone trapped on an elevator experienced a medical emergency and Paramedics were unable to reach them in time? And due to our buildings security measures taking the stairs is simply not an option even for those willing and able to do so. A new elevator system may be costly, but the safety of the State Employees and the members of the public who use our buildings elevators has no price tag.

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