Stop misuse of heritage conservation area listing in Ku-ring-gai Municipality

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We, the undersigned, petition that all heritage conservation areas currently under planning proposals not proceed as amendments to the Ku-ring-gai Local Environment Plan.

Ku-ring-gai Municipal Council is misusing heritage conservation area listing:

  • As a blanket anti-development policy;
  • To list homes that lack heritage values;
  • Contrary to resident objections;
  • To further councillors’ pet projects;
  • By listing areas contrary to heritage report recommendations; and
  • Arbitrarily listing houses upon councillors’ personal opinions.

Support this petition to ensure that no heritage conservation areas are listed in Ku-ring-gai Municipality where the:

  • Majority of affected residents object to listing;
  • Heritage report recommendations are against listing;
  • Councillors have not publically detailed significant heritage report values sought for conservation in accordance with the Heritage Act; and
  • Councillors do not consult properly with the affected residents.