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*NOTE* THIS IS NOT FOR THIS YEAR, SEEING AS HOW THEY ALREADY RELEASED TICKETS. HOWEVER - WE ARE FIGHTING FOR THE FORSEEABLE FUTURE SO PLEASE HELP OUT AND KEEP SPREADING THIS AROUND* There is an overwhelming amount of teenagers that are going to Lolla. These are the same mindless children being hospitalized for trying things at these festivals that they have no experience with, and have no business trying. However, festivals are a completely different environment. Kids are more likely to run into and be exposed to these things here, at a festival. There's a reason why a number of major festivals make their events 18+. They realize why some people come to these events; with the sole purpose and intent being drug use. So they take the precaution of making it 18+. While it may not keep all those underage out, it does a good job of safeguarding the event from a majority of those that are. This is for their safety. Drug use is not the only danger. There are predators at these events, and these teenagers are their simple prey. While some have the common sense to shy away from this, those that are under the influence can give in, and nobody wins there. Please take this into consideration.

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