C.reating H.elp R.ighteously I.nstantly S.ecurely (CHRIS)

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Our nephew Christopher Manuel Valdez was brutally murdered on November 25, 2011. This was not only the day after Thanksgiving it was Christopher’s fourth birthday. As a mother myself I can't imagine ever a child to lose their precious life in such a herendious way. My huband and I discovered Christopher's body. We only pray that justice is served for Christopher. It is at this time my husband and I feel this petition can help other children have a peace of mind by making TOP OFFICIALS AWARE of how Christopher was failed. This could happen to anyone's family and now is the time to make sure it doesn't anymore. PROTECT YOUR FAMILY......and THE FUTURE of your family by taking a stand and signing this petition. NEVER SAY NEVER. It happened to us. We can’t allow any child to slip through the “cracks of human error” because of that Christopher lost his life tragically & brutally. We ask respectfully on behalf of our entire family to acknowledge Christopher now by shining light on this heavy darkness. Let the memory of his life be apart of the new mission. Honor Christopher “CHRIS” Valdez by PROTECTING EVERY CHILD with diligence.

Our children our the future. It is very important we as Americans see that every opportunity is taken to keep our children safe. WE MUST TAKE THE EXTRA STEP and GO THE EXTRA MILE to ensure the safety of these little people who depend upon us to keep them safe. PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT OF YOUR TIME & SIGN THIS PETITION TO ENSURE THE SAFETY OF OUR NATIONS CHILDREN.

Christopher depends on us now........let's together make a difference to make every child safe and not be failed by the system like Christopher was failed.

C.reating H.elp R.ighteously I.nstantly S.ecurely (C.H.R.I.S)!

His Proud Aunt Katrine Valdez

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