Please don't change the School day

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Change in the School Day at Winterbourne Academy

Following a consultation with Parents, the analysis of which has not been published, Winterbourne Academy will change its school day. 

The School day will run from 08:30 – 14:40.

Parents and pupils are concerned for the following reasons;

1.            This is a disaster for working Parents with fixed working hours that do not happen to tie in with the changes

2.            The logistics of getting children to School by car or public transport is already of great concern to many Parents.  This change simply increases the burden on Parents and Pupils without any identified benefit to them.

3.            For Parents with children at different Schools this is a juggling act that is bound to impact detrimentally on family life.

4.            An increase in the use of code U, late after register closes, is anticipated leaving Parents open to criminal prosecution at Court for alleged poor attendance.

5.            It doesn’t make any sense at all that Senior School Pupils finish earlier than local Primary School Pupils.

6.            Teens will be left unsupervised and vulnerable for longer until Parents return home from work.

7.            This could lead to increased after-school bullying, cyber bullying, low level anti-social behaviour in the community, drug use and other Safeguarding concerns which are already widely known to be an issue at the School.

8.            No details have been published of alleged proposals for after school enrichment activities or the number of available places.

9.            There can be up to 1880 pupils at WA.  It is not clear if all pupils will be offered after-School sessions or if the School even has the capacity for cater for all pupils after School.

10.        Parents were told that joining OAT would not necessarily mean a change to the School day or the School uniform.  This has proved to be untrue on both counts.

11.        The change to the school day was announced to Pupils during School assemblies before the parents’ consultation even closed.

12.        There is no legal requirement to consult, hence the consultation is lip service only and stakeholder wishes have not been listened to.

13.        There has been no evidence provided that an earlier start is beneficial to the learning of Secondary stage Pupils.

14.        It is alleged by the Trust that the change is to benefit the provision of a wider range of subjects in the 6th form. By having the same school day, it is easier for the Trust to promote shared lessons and movement between sites so Pupils have a wider curriculum to choose from.

15.        If this is the case, the Trust could easily change the School day only for the 6th form. 

16.        There is no need to change the School day for years 7-11 if the reasons given are a true and accurate reflection of the Trust’s motives and intentions.

17.        It seems the only reason for the new School day is to bring uniformity across the Trust for administrative reasons only and with no regard for Pupils’ and Parents’ experiences, wishes and concerns as stakeholders and service users.