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Petitioning C.O.P.P.A (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act)

Stop banning deviants on due to being "underage"

We already know that there are age restrictions for drinking, driving, and other things-but should age really apply to the art site of If it's supposed to be a site for "all ages" as it says, how can it be if it only allows those 13+ to have accounts on there? It's NOT like underaged deviants will try to sneak peeks at porn, or any other mature content with a provided account, yet be able to share their own marvelous works instead! Should we deny anyone under 13 the right to share their marvelous art with the rest of the world through Deviantart? Do you all wish to let their hopes and dreams of becoming great artists in the eyes of others be crushed and denied all because of their age? The organization of C.O.P.P.A (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) has complied with Deviantart, making the age restriction possible, but do they realize that not ALL underaged deviants will try to spill out personal information everywhere they go on DA; C.O.P.P.A, do you also realize that you're preventing talented artists of young ages the right to share art through Deviantart and gain the recongition they desereve, just like the older deviants? If you agree that the banning of deviants just because of their age should be eliminated, please sign this petition; EVERYONE deserves an opportunity to spread their artwork in any way! 

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  • C.O.P.P.A (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act)

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