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Save MKVVIV school and save future of more than 2k kids

यह मुद्दा 336 हस्ताक्षर जुट गये

Save our MKVVIV school, factory lane, Borivali west, Mumbai.

Our school Management forcefully trying to shift our school students into new location giving the reason of dilapidated building. They want to shift in an area where 7 beer bars are located within 100 meters. Management also not following the GR. Neither they are giving anything in writing nor they want to show any document regarding school redevelopment. 

The cbse department also cancelled school affiliation and send showcause notice to school, but they also hide this from parents and taking new admissions. 

We parents, aren't against the redevelopment, But want our child's safety first. But management is not cooperating. If the school building is really in bad condition and dilapidated then why can't BMC put notice on the school building?? Why school hall is still using for marriages and parties?? 

1.School management is not keeping any transperancy.

2.Forcefully shifting school nearby beer bars.

3. Not following the GR.

4. Hiding Cbse affiliation cancellation from parents.

5. Make false audit report.

All these things make us to take the school management in court. Yes, we parents filed petition in high court against the school management.  

Pls sign this petition and save our MKVVIV school.

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