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Petitioning Virginia State House and 7 others

C-III Capital Partners and Paragon Commercial Property Management: Allow Duke House of Kabob to Stay in Business!

Save Duke House of Kabob! Give Khosrou Nazemzadeh a Chance to Speak and to Renew His Lease!

Duke House of Kabob in Alexandria, Virginia has been in business for 20 years. It’s a staple in Alexandria, VA and the entire DC Metro Region. Now it’s being forced to close against its wishes.

Recently, the property where DHOK is located had a change in ownership. This occurred just prior to the end of DHOK’s lease. We welcomed our new landlord and attempted to engage in a good faith negotiation with their brokers. After several communications, the landlord’s brokers stopped communicating with us altogether. A new deal was never reached prior to the lease expiration. 

Several weeks later we learned that a new tenant had signed a lease for DHOK’s space. We were shocked. We contacted the landlord and asked for a meeting. That wish was never granted. We asked for an opportunity to match the offer, but we were never given that chance.

After 20 years in business, we feel wronged by this treatment. We were never granted the opportunity to speak and to present our value to the landlord. We feel disrespected, disheartened, and deeply saddened. Our employees, many of whom have been with us since day 1, now face losing their jobs.

During the economic crisis, DHOK nearly lost everything. We kept our doors open because of the support of our customers and community. We are now finally able to lift our heads from the economic turmoil, but now we face losing everything yet again.

The owner, Khosrou Nazemzadeh, came to this country with little money and the dream of providing his children with safety, prosperity, and opportunity.  He worked his way from a cook at Arby’s to a business owner all in the name of his children. He wanted to give them a life he never had. Today, both his children are physicians. He is the embodiment of the American Dream.

He is now at the age of retirement. His children were planning to inherit the business and continue their relationship with the community. Now he must vacate the restaurant on September 30, 2013 and lose everything that he has worked for. He is not at an age to start from scratch.

Our new landlords never gave Khosrou Nazemzadeh a chance to speak.  He deserves to be heard. They also never gave the community and our hardworking employees the opportunity to make their voice heard. They deserve that opportunity. 

Duke House of Kabob is an institution and it represents what the American Dream is all about. It shouldn’t be forced to close against its will.   

Please join us and make your voice heard. Support Duke House of Kabob!

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Paragon Commercial Property Management, Inc Paul Sheridan
NAI KLNB, Commercial Real Estate Services Jim Crowder
NAI KLNB, Commercial Real Estate Services Marc Tasker
NAI KLNB, Commercial Real Estate Services Josh Simon
C-III Capital Partners John Sobenes
I am writing to you as a concerned citizen. I know that, as the owner of the building that houses Duke House of Kabob, you have chosen not to renew their lease and have done so without the opportunity to meet and engage in negotiation and discussion. DHOK has been notified to vacate their space abruptly on Sept. 30, 2013. I am writing to express my disapproval of this decision.

DHOK is an integral part of our family-friendly community, the entire DC Metro Region, and is beloved by all. Your decision will have a significantly negative impact on our community if you choose not to extend their lease.

I encourage you to reconsider your decision. I believe many other loyal customers of DHOK will have a difficult time supporting any business that will take over the space previously rented by DHOK, particularly if they were asked to leave without any opportunity for negotiation.

Duke House of Kabob became a successful business because of the hard work of its dedicated owner. Our community values his character, his service to our community, and the restaurant’s family values. DHOK is an institution and we want that to be the case for decades to come.

After 20 years together, DHOK and our community deserve better. Please reconsider your stance. Give DHOK an opportunity to speak and allow Duke House of Kabob to stay in business.