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Close Red Lobster Times Square for Christmas

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As you may have seen in the news recently, on November 27, 2017 the terrorist group ISIS made a public threat of attack on Times Square in New York City on Christmas at an undisclosed time. We, the wait staff and crew members of the Red Lobster located "in the heart of Times Square", are petitioning for this restaurant location to be closed all day and/or at night during December 24, 2017 (Christmas Eve) and closed all day December 25, 2017 (Christmas Day). As a staff, we have experienced very different circumstances compared to other Red Lobster locations. Being in Times Square poses a daily threat of danger, however now that we have been given a direct threat for a specific day that has been featured on many news networks and covered by many newspapers, we do not feel safe risking coming to work those days or being in the area of Times Square. Being subjected to potential life threatening situations is not something easy to digest, especially when we have the responsibility of showing up for our scheduled shifts on holidays. The staff has been told that if we call out on a holiday we will be considered for termination as an employee. We ask that if Red Lobster Times Square chooses to remain open for business on Christmas Eve and Christmas day this year, that whomever is scheduled to work has the right to refuse to show up for their own safety without the possibility of their job being terminated. As a three floor restaurant we currently do not have an emergency evacuation plan or security during business hours. Even with both of these provided, our location is in a high-risk area. Because our job does not require us to risk our lives, we do not feel it necessary to make your employees work during such unsettling times. Along with the obvious physical catastrophe it could potentially be, there are many psychological and emotional issues that can stem from working on this holiday this year. It would be best for all to take preventative measures instead of risking the opposite. While we value our employment at Red Lobster Times Square, we please ask you to consider this petition to ensure the safety of your employees this Holiday season.

Thank you and best regards,

Employees of Red Lobster Times Square (Restaurant #6298)

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