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no can't upgrade you yet can't really do anything else on there yet so that's that's my ultimate machine until until . get some new stuff . think in the next episode we do I'll I'll buy some more stuff but let's go back on see if we can start upgrading our win streak yo this guy's pretty lit this guy's pretty crazy let's go for it let's go for it let's see this is gonna be interesting oh . see so yeah it's definitely over 40,000 because that guy had 40,000 health . he couldn't even h . le he can h . le it this guy's got 40,000 attack yeah but it takes . while to build up doesn't it yo I'm gonna go for it bang oh my God look at that only just but that was pretty cool okay . need to clear up some space let's open this come on get was something good Titan laser harpoon Bigfoot okay that was absolutely trash oh why can it bonus if . subscribe no thank you . I'm gonna open this one now as well just get this going minigun forklift blades knob . yes : ticket okay at least that's at least . got . golden ticket . what do we get we've got . chainsaw as . present nice all right well that's let's fill up our boxes shall we this is gonna be interesting I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go over this guy no oh only just though . thought . was gonna be lifted up . little bit too much there to get the shot off but it seems okay . we got the kill all right we're getting some pretty some pretty powerful people here but they just can't h . le it it can't h . le it me they really can't there's nothing you can do it to be fair this is this is crazy powerful this is . okay . then we've got this dude yeah sorry buddy I'd yeah you're dead okay that's another 1/2 hour wind shriek which need one more to get that final box . then we'll check our championship run again we should be good here yeah nice . was . little bit nervous about the health pack thinking the health pack might have done something but but it didn't okay final look at the championship . still sadly not enough people to actually compete the whole championship against Balestra let's just kill everybody who's already here . then in the next episode oh no oh we've got another list of guy . hate these dudes . hate these dudes yeah look at that Wow okay so we've lost begin here so we're gonna need to change something in our strategy to beat those annoying setups I'm not sure what they are yet but . will . will figure it out in my head . we will put that to the test okay fight number five bang . the dirt is gone six oh there's six people yes it's getting there . just couldn't be one of them . just couldn't be one of them but that's . that's not too bad so next are my friends thank you so much for watching peace out

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