CBSE to reduce the syllabus for 12th (2018-19)

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CBSE has declared that the NCERT syllabus is to be reduced by half but it is applicable from the 2019 academic session.Even they’ve realized and stated that the syllabus is humongous and even more than that of BA and BCOM,the burden of the syllabus is so much that the students have to burn the mid-night oil lamp to score a good percentage to get into a decent college and there is no time for additional activities.CBSE does not understand that they are just focusing on academics rather than the hollistic development of the student and creating mere robots.If they agree on that fact that the burden is too much and will be reducing the syllabus then why isn’t it applicable from this year?What about the batch of 2018-19?Why not the syllabus is being reduced for the present batch?Why not a step is being taken for this session?Why should we suffer?