Pippy Park/City of St. John's: Declare Three Pond Barrens as officially off-leash friendly

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Three Pond Barrens is a beautiful, multi-use park that is loved by everyone - including dogs. The park is there for all to enjoy and the undersigned believe this can include responsible dog owners who wish to walk their dogs off-leash.

The City of St. John's and Pippy Park have several beautiful areas where owners are required to keep their dog leashed. Unleashed areas, on the other hand, are small fenced dog parks that can be inaccessible during winter months. There are no areas where owners and dogs can exercise together within the city and going outside the city limits to do these activities is also illegal, under provincial law. 

Three Pond Barrens is a secluded area under the authority of the Pippy Park Commission, making it an ideal location for an off-leash friendly dog area. St. John's stands alone among major cities in Canada, who all provide great opportunities for dogs and their owners to exercise and socialize together in an official designated off-leash friendly dog area. The undersigned call upon the Pippy Park Commission to use the power and authority that comes with its responsibility to the citizens of St. John's to specifically authorize that trails in the Three Pond Barrens area of Pippy Park be designated off-leash friendly. Just as in several cities across the country are doing in their own parks, we can all use Three Pond Barrens together, including off-leash dogs and their owners.

We would like to work with Pippy Park and the City of St. John's to address any concerns and to effectively plan how to make Pippy Park off-leash friendly.

Three Pond Barrens Map