Save the natural beauty & integrity of Capricornia Canal in Ocean Shores

Save the natural beauty & integrity of Capricornia Canal in Ocean Shores

8 January 2022
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Why this petition matters

Friends of Capricornia Canal (FoCCS) Petition against DA 10.2021.705.1 for 3  houses & 3 granny flats at 25 Hardy Ave, North Ocean Shores 

The long-term integrity of our unique environment and quiet community is at stake.

We, the undersigned, request Byron Shire Council to refuse the DA for  the following reasons:

o The proposed development will dominate the landscape and be inconsistent  with the buildings on adjoining properties. This is contrary to the primary LEP objective of the R2 zone, i.e., low density residential character; 

o The western allotment fails to meet the minimum allotment sizes (set within  Byron LEP and DCP 2014); 

o 3 m wide access handles (under DCP 2014) reduces the proposed lot sizes to  below the minimum allowable areas; 

o the proposed buildings significantly breach the building height plane; o No shadow diagrams have been provided; 

o Two lots have no connection to the proposed shared access route off Hardy Ave o Inadequate turning aisles are provided for vehicles entering and leaving parking  spaces; 

o Stormwater impacts are likely to be significant. No calculations have been  provided to show compliance with stormwater detention requirements; o Hazard constraints regarding land contamination, acid sulphate soils and coastal  hazards have not been fully identified and addressed. The Coastal Management  SEPP plan is inadequate; 

o Incomplete information has been provided on vegetation removal (as required  by DCP 2014) and subsequent impacts on fauna; 

o No geotechnical report has been provided; 

o Boundary setbacks (1.5m) for secondary dwellings have not been adhered to; o The proposed overdevelopment is out of character with setback and tapering  development requirements for this low density residential area and will set a  dreadful precedent; 

o No environmental assessment has been conducted of high ecological value  vegetation on the property or of endangered plant community species; 

o No vegetation management plan has been provided. 

“The information obtained through this petition will be provided to Council and may become a public document. By signing this petition you consent to the publication of any details provided on this petition by you.”



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Signatures: 419Next goal: 500
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